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We are Tinkertorq Innovations Pvt. Ltd., a start-up working to improve the lives of two-wheeler riders' by uplifting their safety co-efficient by means of our in-development product "Smart Airbag for Two-wheeler Riders'".
We were a group of enthusiastic and future visionaries who wanted to make a safety difference in automotive safety products segment.
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Smart Airbag Protection for Two-Wheeler Riders'

Smart Airbag, the in-development product on your left, aims to provide safety to Two-wheeler Riders' by reducing injuries to a rider when impacting with an opposing object in frontal collisions by absorbing the riders's kinetic energy and provide protection to the vital organs of the thoraco-abdominal region.

The data from various motion sensors are monitored by the airbag controller unit and machine learning algorithm which monitors riders pattern of riding continuously. Combined response of sensors and ML allows the smart airbag to deploy in-time to safeguard the riders' thoraco-abdominal organs in case of an accident.
Smart Airbag Protection for Two-wheeler Riders' is patent protected and all rights are owned by the company founder.


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Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.